What if children sat around drinking juice boxes and complaining about the world's problems? 

Two friends, Jenny and Sophie, meet up for coffee in the park. Jenny complains about a guy she'd been seeing, and Sophie illustrates how much worse she could have it. 

*Winner of Best Screenplay and the Goldstone Award for Emerging Vermont Filmmakers at the Vermont International Film Festival's Vermont Filmmakers Showcase 2015*
*Winner of Best Comedy at the New England Online Film Festival 2016*

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Live coverage from the #Dinnergate press conference where a Husband must face the media backlash after burning dinner. Will he ever cook again?

A Pretty Beard Production, 2016

Kent is forced to make a difficult decision in recompense for what he's done.

A Pretty Beard Production, 2016

Official Selection of the Chain NYC Film Festival 2016

Boyfriend Training

(third season coming soon)