Husband & Wife production team

Rachel and Lincoln were both actors in New York City when they met in a bar at a mutual friend's birthday party in 2008. At a time when YouTube, web series, and new media was becoming more prevalent and accessible, they decided to start creating their own work. What started out as a few short sketches soon turned into a web series (Boyfriend Training), award winning short film (Pillow Talk) and a parody series featured on The Nerdist (Save the Rancors). Constantly creating content, Rachel and Lincoln developed Pretty Beard Productions which in turn then created this website you are currently perusing. 

Pretty Beard Productions focuses on producing original content for the web and independent short films that tell great stories. Growing up on movies that stuck with them, Lincoln and Rachel want to make work that makes you say "Oh, you haven't seen this? You have to watch it!" and pulling out your phone to force our funny sketch on your friends. They'll like it, don't worry. It's the same when you can't believe someone hasn't seen Empire Strikes Back and you hold them hostage and make them watch the entire original trilogy. Friendship at its finest. That's Pretty Beard's mission. 

Do you need video content for your website that is informative but also shows your company's personality? We are your team. We are venturing into the production world outside our own realm and offering video services that are unique to you! With our experience with writing original content for the web, we would work with you to create the perfect film for your team/company that showcases your services. Whether it is a standard "what we do" video or one with fictional flair, we will write a script, shoot, and edit it with efficiency, speed, and a dedication to getting you exactly what you hope for!  

To view our work, visit the Videos tab. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates!

Lincoln and Rachel at the Chain NYC Film Festival 2016

Lincoln and Rachel at the Chain NYC Film Festival 2016